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  :: Baldur's Gate - Spells ::

This is a collection of various spells that can be added to Baldur's Gate and most of these items should work in Tales Of The Sword Coast as well. Those items specifically for Tales Of The Sword Coast are displayed with **TOTSC**.
Thanks to all those people who have submitted items to this list.

For information on how to install these files as well as the other's on this web site, check out the Installation page for further details.

:: Innate Abilities ::

Berserk - [Inix]
Give Berserk innate ability.

Charm Animal - [Inix]
Give Charm Animal innate ability.

Charm Person - [Inix]
Give Charm Person innate ability.

Create Poisoned Arrows - [Inix]
Give Create Poisoned Arrows innate ability.

Cure Light Wounds - [Inix]
Give Cure Light Wounds innate ability.

Detect Evil - [Inix]
Give Detect Evil innate ability.

Dispel Magic - [Inix]
Gives Dispel Magic innate ability.

Draw Upon Holy Might - [Inix]
Give Draw Upon Holy Might innate ability.

Ghoul Touch - [Inix]
Give Ghoul Touch innate ability.

Holy Blade - [Lord Delekhan]
Innate ability aimed at Paladins to summon forth Selune's Blade.

Invisibility - [Inix]
Give Invisibility innate ability.

Larloch's Minor Drain - [Inix]
Give Larloch's Minor Drain innate ability.

Lay On Hands - [Inix]
Give Lay On Hands innate ability.

Protection From Evil - [Inix]
Give Protection From Evil innate ability.

Selune's Hammer - [Lord Delekhan]
Innate ability aimed at Paladins and Clerics to summon forth a hammer similar to the Spiritual Hammer with one exception; this hammer can be thrown at targets.

Shapeshifts Black Bear - [Inix]
Give Shapeshifts Black Bear innate ability.

Shapeshifts Brown Bear - [Inix]
Give Shapeshifts Brown Bear innate ability.

Shapeshifts Wolf - [Inix]
Give Shapeshifts Wolf innate ability.

Slow Poison - [Inix]
Give Slow Poison innate ability.

Spiritual Hammer - [Inix]
Give Spiritual Hammer innate ability.

Summon Dread Wolf - [Inix]
Give Summon Dread Wolf innate ability.

Summon Ghast - [Inix]
Give Summon Ghast innate ability.

Vampiric Touch - [Inix]
Give Vampiric Touch innate ability.

:: Spells ::

Apocalypse - [DarkAngel]
This causes fire damage to all creatures in the area of effect, except your party.

Astro Projection - [DarkAngel]
An innate ability that allows you to teleport.

Cast Away - [DarkAngel]
This spell will permanently remove a creature from battle.

Dalamar's Spells - [Dalamar]
11 spells taken from AD&D and converted for Baldur's Gate.

DarkAngel's Priest Spells - [DarkAngel]
4 additional spells for Cleric's - Lightning Strike, True Sight, Implosion and Aura Cleansing.

DarkAngel's Spells - [DarkAngel]
27 additional spells created by DarkAngel.

Fairie Fire - [CuChionneach]
Light up targets making them easier to hit.

Globe of Darkness - [CuChoinneach]
This is the second level mage spell, Globe of Darkness.

The Grimoire of Arcane Knowledge - [Nimrod] **TOTSC**
51 new spells, some taken from the AD&D Players Handbook and others are new.

Grog's Spells - [Grog]
5 mage spells that includes scrolls as well.

Flesh To Bones - [Rob]
Kill's target instantly turning it's flesh to bones.

Jhamner's Spells - [Jhamner]
3 new spells by Jhamner.

Lower Level Spells - [James Hamner]
Here is a set of cool lower level spells this is a great addition to your especially if you want something different at a lower level.

Mnemonics - [Potencius]
Allows you to memorize all your spells and innate abilities.

Mordenkainen's Sword - [Suryiel & Graf Hohfels]
Create's a dancing sword that will attack enemies.

Pause Time - [DarkAngel]
When cast this spell pauses time.

Potencius' Spells - [Potencius]
Spells made by Potencius.

Powerword, Blind - [CuChoinneach]
This is the 8th level Mage spell Powerword, Blind, it comes with custom bams included.

Powerword, Kill - [CuChoinneach]
This is the 9th level Mage spell Powerword, Kill, it comes with custom bams included.

Powerword, Stun - [CuChoinneach]
This is the seventh level Mage spell Powerword, Stun, it comes with custom bams included.

Ray of Enfeeblement - [Arundor]

Prismatic Spray - [CuChoinneach]
This is Prismatic Spray, the seventh level mage spell.

Shoots a ray that will reduce the targets strength.

Slayer's Spells - [Slayer]
20 spells made by Slayer.

True Seeing - [Lord Delekhan]
Allows the caster to see the true nature of things for a brief period.

Summon Phoenix Guard - [DarkAngel]
Summon's a Phoenix Guard to aid you.

Vampire - [Sorwen]
Turns you into a semi-Vampire. You become like a Vampire, but you don't suffer the normal disadvantages.

:: Spell Packs ::

Idols of the Chanah'Rea - [Lord Delekhan]
These spells are only usable by Druids. Enclosed in the archive are the following Druidic Spells: Fire Bolt (Level 1), Sparks (Level 2), Poison Spray (Level 3), Blades (Level 4), Choking Vines (Level 5) and Dragons Breath (Level 6).

Psionics - [Lord Delekhan]
This pack contains the following Psionic abilities: Psionic Blast, Death Field, Project Force, Static Discharge, Metabolic Distortion and Psychic Armor.

Sharga's Book of Magic - [Lord Delekhan]
Enclosed in the archive are the following Mage Spells: Sharga's Poison Dart (Level 1), Implosion (Level 2), Chain Lightning (Level 3), Incinerate (Level 4), Acid Burst (Level 5) and Icy Bolt (Level 6).

Tomes of the Eight Schools - [Lord Delekhan]
Enclosed in this archive are tomes from the following schools of magic: Mages book of Alteration, Mages book of Evocation, Mages book of Necromancy, Mages book of Conjuration, Mages book of Illusion, Mages book of Enchantment, Mages book of Divination, Mages book of Abjuration. By reading a tome the mage will learn all of the spells from within that school.

Tomes of Hur-At-Hur - [Lord Delekhan]
Enclosed in the archive are the following Cleric Spells: Armor Melt (Level 1), Weaken (Level 2), Stone Skin (Level 3), Whirlwind (Level 4), Deep Freeze (Level 5) and Life Steal (Level 6).

Wood of the Sharp Teeth - [Lord Delekhan]
Enclosed in the archive are the following Polymorph abilities: Shapeshift Vampiric Wolf, Shapeshift Cave Bear and Shapeshift Polar Bear.

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