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  :: Baldur's Gate II - Magical Items ::

This is a collection of various magical items that can be added to Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and most of these items should work in Throne of Bhaal as well. Those items specifically for Throne of Bhaal are displayed with **TOB**.
Most of the items written for Baldur's Gate will work with Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn however they have not been repeated on this page.
Thanks to all those people who have submitted items to this list.

For information on how to install these files as well as the other's on this web site, check out the Installation page for further details.

:: Boots ::

Boots of Immunity - [Ali_man]
The boots give the wearer complete immunity to all weapons magical and non-magical.

:: Figurines ::

Guenhwyver Figurine - [MetalFan49]
This Figurine of Wondrous Power lets you summon Guenhwyver, Drizzt Do'Urden's black panther.

:: Item Packs ::

Backstabber's Items - [Backstabber]
3 items by Backstabber, including sword Unholy Vengeance +5, gauntlets that give +8 damage and THAC0 when fighting barehand and the Burning Flail.

BG2 Item Pack - [Darth_Guru]
30 items made by Darth_Guru.

BNX's Rings - [BNX]
6 rings made by BNX.

David's Items - [David]
2 items by David, The Necklace of Skulls and the Belt of Bones.

Fleshmelter's Items - [Fleshmelter]
3 items, the Hammer of Glory, The Black Bow, and The Staff of Maggots.

Gaiseric the Vandal's Item Pack - [Gaiseric the Vandal]
8 items by Gaiseric the Vandal.

Gelin's Item Pack - [Gelin]
6 items by Gelin.

Greysteil's Items - [Greysteil]
3 items by Greysteil. The Staff of the Magi. Johydees Mask and the Robe of Eyes.

Icewind Dale Items - [Magnum Opus]
26 items from Icewind Dale which have been edited to work in BG2.

Icewind Dale Items - [Tannariss]
A huge item pack of 104 Icewind Dale items which have been converted to work in BG2. Also, click here to download a patch for this item pack, which adds 8 items, and fixes several others.

Item Pack - [Andy HalfElf]
3 new items.

Jade Pack - [Tannariss]
A powerful helmet, plate mail, and sword.

Karmatree's Items - [Karmatree]
8 items by Karmatree.

Kiyru's Item Pack - [Kiyru]
23 items made by Kiyru.

Kiyru's ToB Item Pack - [Kiryu] **TOB**
5 items made by Kiyru. Contains Spellsword Plate +4, Ring of the Archmagi, Visions of Time, Spectral Brand +5 and Thieves Hood.

McKal's Items - [McKal]
5 new items.

Mondo Gelatin's Items - [Mondo Gelatin]
3 items by Mondo Gelatin based on Wing Zero.

Power Kit - [Alexandre]
6 items that are very powerful but also have penalties.

Richard Haines' Items - [Richard Haines]
17 new items and 25 new spells.

Sha'Gaeon's Trinket Pack - [Sha'Gaeon]
9 items by Sha'Gaeon.

Shining Equipment - [Magnum Opus]
9 items by Magnum Opus that allow you to look like a "Knight in Shining Armour".

Shmick Mick's Items - [Shmick Mick]
2 new items.

Torment Items - [Namelessone_01]
4 items from Torment converted for use in BG2. Celestial Fire, Final Judgement, Hammer of Comminution and Ring Zero.

Twinswords Item Pack - [Twinswords]
3 items and a spell by Twinswords.

UnIcOrN's Items - [UnIcOrN]
5 items made by UnIcOrN.

Van Helsing's Pack - [Van Helsing]
Contains 4 items, Carleon's Family Armour, Carleon's Family Helm, Melmoth's Medallion and The Bonesaw.

:: Miscellaneous ::

Mekrath's Mirror - [Tannariss]
This replaces an item that is already in the game with a more powerful version. Gives the Mekrath's Mirror item the ability to cast True Sight, Far Sight and Mirror Image.

Orb of Dragonkind - [Greysteil]
Charms dragons, and has a small chance of summoning one of 4 types of dragons.

Sash of the Cat and Cobra - [Arawn Chen]
An item for Monks that gives regeneration, increased attack speed, increased damage, improved THAC0, AC improvement, backstab immunity and stun resistance.

:: Musical Instruments ::

The Horn of the Dragon Knights - [DrgnWizzard]
A more powerful version of the Horn of Valhallia.

The Horn of Ragnarok - [Tannariss]
Causes powerful earthquakes and icestorms.

:: Rings ::

Angel Ring - [MetalFan49]
This ring enables the wearer to polymorph into an eagle.

Dragon Orb - [Namelessone_01]
A ring which gives mages 2 extra spells for level 1-7, +2 Constitution and regeneration. Also casts Time Stop once per day.

Ring of Change - [Jon Lord of Nature]
This ring allows the wearer to polymorph into various forms.

Ring of Absolute Immunity - [Shmick Mick]
This ring grants the wearer total immunity to all +5 weapons or less.

:: Tomes and Manuals ::

Greebo's Pocket Library - [Robert]
A magical book of spells.

:: Wands ::

Mage Wand - [Gandalf]
A new wand and new spell effect to accompany it.

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