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  :: Baldur's Gate - Weapons ::

This is a collection of various weapons that can be added to Baldur's Gate and most of these items should work in Tales Of The Sword Coast as well. Those items specifically for Tales Of The Sword Coast are displayed with **TOTSC**.
Thanks to all those people who have submitted items to this list.

For information on how to install these files as well as the other's on this web site, check out the Installation page for further details.

:: Arrows ::

Arrow Stacks - [Lord Delekhan]
These are simply modified stack arrow files, place them in your Override directory and the arrows covered are stackable to 250 per quiver and slot.

Arrows of Confusion - [GMAN]
The arrows Confuse targets on a successful hit (as per the spell).

Arrows of Freezing - [GMAN]
Target suffers cold damage and gets frozen as well.

Arrows of Petrification - [GMAN]
These arrows turn the target to stone on successful hits.

Arrow of Smoke - [Simclass]
This looks like a normal arrow but when fired at an enemy if a successful hit is made it turns the attacker into smoke and it also changes their sex.

Replacement Arrows - [Drew]
These arrows replace the original ones in the game, the only difference being that you can recover these off the dead bodies.

Arrow of Magic Missiles - [DarkAngel]
This arrow is handy as it has unlimited charges. Once fired it looks like a magic missle but does more damage.

Arrows of Sleep - [GMAN]
These arrows puts the target to sleep.

Arrows of Striking - [Lord Delekhan]
The arrows do 1D6+3 normal damage and an additional 2D3 Magical damage upon impact.

:: Axes ::

Battleaxe of Hell - [Simclass]
This Axe can only be used by Chaotic Evil Characters and does 2d4+4 damage and 1 poison damage for 30 seconds.

Battle axe +2 ('Battleaxe of Mauletar') - [Drew]
A powerful axe that increases you maximum HP and Constitution.

Battle Axe +3 ('Skull Splitter') - [Lord Delekhan]
This battle axe functions as a +3 weapon but against undead it is a +5 weapon.

Dwarven War Axe +4 ('Screaming Death') - [Lord Delekhan]
This is a true Dwarven war axe, and provides +2 dexterity bonus, +2 AC bonus, increased attacks and is only usable by Dwarven fighters.

Gnoll's Bane - [Simclass]
This is a Battle Axe that does 3 cold damage and when it hits a Gnoll it kills it. It has a custom bam made by Doomlord.

Minotaur's Axe - [Lord Delekhan]
This is a fairly strong axe that does 4D4+3 damage and provides +3 bonus to THAC0.

Troll Splitter - [Kylun]
This axe is the very one carried by Bruenor Battlehammer.

:: Bolts ::

Spell Bolts - [Arundor]
Contains 5 spell bolts. Each is infinite, and will cast a certain spell instead of firing as a bolt. Only the icons and description were changed from items that are already in the game.

:: Bows ::

Ankheg Biter - [GMAN]
Short bow. Fires acid that does continuous damage(poison) for up to 60 seconds, user must make save vs. death +5 or suffer same fate. No ammo needed.

Assassins Bow - [Lord Delekhan]
This bow is only usable by Thieves and a successful hit causes 1D6+2 damage as well as Poison Target, Cripple Target and Paralyse Target.

Barrage - [Simclass]
This is a short bow that fires 5 magic missiles instead of arrows and needs no ammunition.

Elven Bow - [Lord Delekhan]
This bow is only usable by Elven Rangers and does 2D6+5 damage, and 6 points of poison damage per round (up to a maximum of 15). No arrows are required for this bow.

Fire Bow of Immolation - [Arundor]
Doesn't need arrows, shoots fireballs and causes fire damage to enemies.

Goblin Bane - [GMAN]
Elven bow +2 which gives the wielder extra attacks per round.

Golden Bow of Accuracy +4 ('Flying Shot') - [Athena]
+4 damage bonus, +4 attack bonus and +15 max HP bonus when equipped.

Holy Bow of the Sukien ('Saw Tooth') - [Lord Delekhan]
This bow can create Arrows of Striking as well as providing +5 THAC0 and +3 damage. Only Paladins may use this weapon.

The Hunter - [Trix]
[Composite Longbow +6] Gives Protection from Normal Missiles.

Icestorm - [GMAN]
Short bow. Fires ice balls that do damage and freeze enemy, user must make save vs. death+5 or suffer same fate. No ammo needed.

Longbow of O'Locksley - [GMAN]
[Long bow +2] +3 THAC0 and +2 attacks per round.

Strength Long bow +3 ('Vibradeath') - [Lord Delekhan]
Strength Long bow +3 'Vibradeath': Crafted by Forest Elves for the Snow Barbarian Prince, Corbus Denox, this bow provides increased strength, damage and accuracy. The resonant low hum after it is shot gave birth to it's name.

Ullyses ('The Archers Dream') - [Lord Delekhan]
Ullyses requires no arrows, firing bolts of ice formed when the string is drawn back. This bow provides +12 THAC0, 5D4+10 damage and increased weapon speed.

Varscona - [DarkAngel]
[Composite Longbow] Gives extra attacks, faster arrows, bonus to hit and extra damage.

Wind of Change - [Simclass]
[Composite Long Bow +2] Can cast 3 spells, Protection from Normal Missiles, Otilukes Resilient Sphere and Magic Missile.

:: Bullets ::

Bullets +3 ('Sky Stones') - [Lord Delekhan]
These bullets are made from fragments of meteorites, they seem to almost glow with a subtle heat. These bullets do 1D4+3 and an additional 2D4 fire damage.

Bullets of Death - [Seroki]
Bullets that instantly kill any enemy.

Bullets of Fire - [GMAN]
Bullets that cause fire damage as well as normal damage.

Bullets of Ice - [GMAN]
Bullets that cause cold damage as well as normal damage.

Bullets of Petrification - [Seroki]
Bullets that instantly turn any enemy to stone.

:: Clubs ::

Ass' Jawbone - [Bad Seed] **TOTSC**
A bone club that hastes the weilder when equipped and will also blur them whenever the quick weapon slot is clicked.

:: Crossbows ::

Acidthrower of Control - [Simclass]
This is the Acidthrower of Control, it is a crossbow that fires Balls of Acid (Ankheg Acid) instead of arrows with 2d6 damage, it requires no ammunition and has a custom bam included.. This can only be used by Neutral characters.

Acidthrower +1 'Madness' - [Simclass]
This is the Acidthrower +1 'Madness', it is like the Acidthrower of Control except it fire a massive ball of acid, which explodes everywhere. This can only be used by Neutral characters.

Ankheg Slinger - [GMAN]
Fires acid that does continuous damage (poison) for up to 60 seconds, user must make save vs. death +5 or suffer same fate. No ammo needed.

Flamethrower of Control - [Simclass]
This is an item with a custom bam, instead of firing bullets this crossbow fires Agannazar's Scorcher, 2d6 damage, no ammunition needed.

Flamethrower +1 'Madness' - [Simclass]
This is sort of like the Flamethrower of Control except it is a different bam and it casts fireball, 2d6+2 damage.

Icethrower of Control - [Simclass]
This is the Icethrower of Control, it is a crossbow that fires Balls of Ice instead of arrows with 2d6 damage, it requires no ammunition and has a custom bam included.

Icethrower +1 'Madness' - [Simclass]
This is the Icethrower +1 'Madness', it is like the Icethrower of Control except it fire a massive ball of ice, which explodes everywhere.

Light Crossbow +3 ('Scorpion's Sting') - [Lord Delekhan]
This Crossbow can only be used by people of Chaotic alignment and requires no ammo. It does 1D6+3 damage and also poisons it's victim for 18 points of damage per round (to a maximum of 45).

Snow Ball - [GMAN]
Fires ice balls that do damage and freeze enemy, user must make save vs. death +5 or suffer same fate. No ammo needed.

Shadow Crossbow - [Kylun]
[Light crossbow +1] Compliments improved shadow armour.

Crossbow of the Wookie - [Kylun]
Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy, the very one that Chewbacca the Wookie carried in the original trilogy of the Star Wars movies.

Waylander's Bow - [Doufas]
A Magical Crossbow +6. Special abilities include: +6 damage, +20 THAC0, +75% stealth skill, user is non-detectable and is protected from Lv1 and 2 spells.

:: Daggers ::

Dagger of Disease - [GMAN]
A dagger that will cause disease on a successful hit.

Dagger of Electricity - [Seroki]
This dagger will electrify victims when hit.

Dagger of Fire - [Seroki]
On a successful hit the victim will suffer from fire damage as well as normal damage.

Dagger of Ice - [Simclass]
This is a cool dagger which does 3d4+3 damage and 2d4 cold damage, it is only usable by thieves and set Dexterity to 19 and increase all thieving skills by 40%. It has a custom bam made by Doomlord.

Dagger of Mischief - [bg_master]
A +2 dagger that gives +20% pickpocketing skill. Only usable by Thieves.

Fang - [Roach]
A throwing dagger that returns to the wielder and also has the ability to poison its target.

Lich's Dagger - [Lord Delekhan]
This particular dagger is the property of a Lich, a Grand Master of Necromantic magics, among other things it has the ability to cast animate dead, skull trap, vampiric touch, and Wraith Form as well as a 10% chance of instantaneous death on a successful hit.

Throwing Dagger +3 - [Seroki]
A throwing dagger that returns to the wielder.

Vampiric Dagger +4 - [Roach]
A +4, defender with vampiric powers.

Yarash's Dagger ('Dagger of Returning') - [Lord Delekhan]
This dagger does 2D8+3 damage, increases the number of attacks and returns to the hand when thrown.

Winters Tooth - [Seroki]
[Dagger +2] Does 1D8 cold damage and provides wielder with 50% protection from cold.

:: Darts ::

Lazy Dart - [GMAN]
Dask's own specialty Darts of Sleeping: 1D1 Damage that cause Sleep. Duration is unknown since he never sticks around long enough to find out, but seems to very potent.

:: Flails ::

Chaos Flail - [Bad Seed]
A vampiric flail that is usable by evil characters only. Gives the character hit points upon a successful hit and will make the user's skin glow an evil yellow when it is equipped.

Elgenon's Bramble ('The Branch of Many Thorns') - [Lord Delekhan]
This Flail does 1D8+5 damage, +4 THAC0, causes both crushing and piercing damage as well as 12 points of poison damage (up to a maximum of 30).

Flail of Holding - [Trix]
Flail +3 - Chance of Holding the target when hit.

Flail of Insanity - [Unknown]
A Flail +10 that glows.

Holy Flail of the Sun - [Lord Delekhan]
This Flail acts as a +3 weapon and increases Wisdom +1, increases the number of attacks per round and does an additional 2D3 fire damage.

Holy Star +3 - [Lord Delekhan]
This Flail acts as a +3 weapon and increases Wisdom +1, increases the number of attacks per round and does an additional 2D3 cold damage.

Justice - [Lord Delekhan]
This flail is aimed at the great holy warriors, the Paladins, and does 2D6+3 damage, +5 THAC0 and has a 50% chance of knocking out an opponent. This weapon is only usable by Paladins and Lawful good Clerics.

:: Gauntlets ::

Gloves of the Master ('Garhesh du Shar'DuKha') - [Lord Delekhan]
Crafted by the Elemental Templars of the Shar'DuKha these gloves are covered with spikes each coated with poisons that can either kill or paralyze a target.

:: Halberds ::

Halberd of Stunning - [Simclass]
A Halberd 1d10+4 and when it hits it stuns the opponent for 10 seconds.

Thieves Halberd - [Unknown]
A Red Halberd +6 that can cast invisibility and haste.

:: Maces ::

Mace of Disruption - [Gumbi]
Does extra damage to Undead.

Rod of Authority - [Suryiel]
Causes 1d6+2 damage and comes with a custom sound.

Screaming Maiden - [Roach]
A vampiric mace that causes berserk.

Mace of Odo +4 - [DarkAngel]
Causes 1d6+4 damage (3 electrical damage), grants the caster Infravision, +15 max HP bonus, +15 Lore bonus, and can cast Magical Stone and Command Word Die at will.

:: Scepter ::

Inferno ('Sceptor of the Flame') - [Lord Delekhan]
This Sceptor is enchanted with four spells and can be used to invoke them any number of times. The spells are: Flame Strike, Agannazar's Scorcher, Flame Arrow and Fireball. This Scepter can only be used by Mages.

:: Slings ::

Elemental Sling ('The Sling of Plenty') - [Lord Delekhan]
This sling requires no ammo, provides +12 THAC0 and does 2D6+8 damage.

:: Spears ::

Bec de Corbyn - [Lord Delekhan]
This is a weapon that is truly designed for the warrior class, a spear like weapon that is capable of knocking out or killing an opponent with a single blow.

Chimmera Lance +5 - [Lord Delekhan]
This lance can only be used by Elven Rangers and does 1D8+5 damage as well as poisoning the victim for 18 points of damage (up to a maximum of 27).

Divine Lance - [Lord Delekhan]
This +5 lance does 3D4+5 damage and provides the wielder with resistance to fear, as well as increased bonuses to attack and damage against monsters and undead.

Drem +3 - [Trix]
Increases the wielders Dexterity to 25 and grants the wielder Free Action (as per the Ring). Also casts Berserk on a successful hit.

Gae Bolga - [Lord Delekhan]
A +3 spear that can blind targets on a successful hit.

Gibbet - [Lord Delekhan]
This spear causes 3D6+12 damage, increases attacks per round, +2 AC bonus and increased THACO and Damage vs. demons, undead, giants and monsters.

Vuhnkar's Spear - [Kylun]
This spear causes 1D12+1 damage and increases your THACO by +1.

:: Staves ::

BoomStick - [Kylun]
A staff based on the Quarterstaff +1 from the game but with extra features and a new look.

Chitiruhkha - Warlock's Staff +4 - [Lord Delekhan]
This staff is of the Chanah'Rea, forged by lightning striking the tree of power, Chitiruhkha is possessed of lightning. The abilities of the staff are: +2 AC bonus and launch a bolt of lightning for 6D6 damage.

Elemental Staff +5 ('Fury of the Elements') - [Arundor]
A +5 Staff of the Elements.

Elemental Staff of Air - [Lord Delekhan]
A +3 Staff that provides +1 AC bonus, 3D4+1 Electrical damage and can project a bolt of electricity for 6D6 damage.

Elemental Staff of Earth - [Lord Delekhan]
A +3 Staff that provides +1 AC bonus, poison damage and can project a bolt of acid for 6D6 damage.

Elemental Staff of Fire - [Lord Delekhan]
A +3 Staff that provides +1 AC bonus, 3D4+1 fire damage and can project a bolt of fire for 6D6 damage.

Elemental Staff of Fire ('The Fire') - [Arundor]
Causes Fire damage on a successful hit and shoots flame arrows.

Elemental Staff of Water - [Lord Delekhan]
A +3 Staff that provides +1 AC bonus, 3D4+1 cold damage and can project a bolt of ice for 6D6 damage.

Ethric - [Lord Delekhan]
This staff can only be used by evil mages, does 2d8+1 damage, immunity to non-magical weapons, -13 penalty to AC and inflicts 8 damage on the wielder upon a successful hit.

Fire Staff +2 - [Trix]
Only usable by wizards this staff casts Agannazar's Scorcher, Burning Hands, Fireball and Flame Strike with unlimited charges.

Lich's Sceptre - [GMAN]
A powerful staff that causes 2D4+2 damage (with 10% chance of instantaneous death), and allows user to cast the following spells at will, Animate Dead, Skull Trap, Vampiric Touch and Horror.

Nemmerle's Revenge - [Lord Delekhan]
This staff can only be used my evil characters and does 2D6+2 damage.

Quarterstaff +3 ('Blood Sucker') - [Lord Delekhan]
A vampiric staff that can only be used by chaotic characters.

Quarterstaff +2 ('Bonebreaker') - [Lord Delekhan]
A +2 staff that slows the target unless save vs. spell.

Quarterstaff of Confusion - [Simclass]
Confuses on a successful hit, does 2d5+4 +3 fire damage and also Hastes you.

Quarterstaff of Frost - [Valaquent]
Quarterstaff of Frost +2, can cast the following spells without limit and is only usable by wizards and priests: Ice Storm and Ray of Frost. **Requires Grimoire Spell Pack**

Questing Staff +3 - [Trix]
Only usable by wizards and priests this staff casts Knock, Ghost Armor, Detect Evil, Cure Critical Wounds and Raise Dead with unlimited charges.

Ribbon +6 - [Trix]
Usable by Cleric/Thief this staff give +3 Dex/Wis, +20% all thief skills, doubles spells memorized and casts Cure Moderate Wounds, Raise Dead, Knock, Invisibility and Charm Person.

Sorcerer's Staff +4 - [Trix]
This staff increases spell casting speed, doubles 1-4 level spells and casts various wizard spells.

Staff of Alchemy - [Lord Delekhan]
This staff can only be used by neutral mages, does 1d6 +2 damage and creates potions of Antidote, Fire Breathing and Insulation.

Staff of Law - [Potencius]
A staff thats allows the wielder to control the weather.

Staff of Life - [Lord Delekhan]
A staff made for good mages with 2D2+2 damage, +2 AC bonus, creates Potions of Healing and provides Protection from 1st Level Spells.

Staff of Nature +4 - [DarkAngel]
Only usable by Druids this staff gives wielder +15 max hit points, +20 bonus Lore and bonus 1st Level Spells.

Staff of Striking - [Roach]
The Staff of Striking taken from the original AD&D rulebook.

Staves - [Potencius]
Two staves which can cast a few spells.

:: Swords ::

Ameril - [Trix]
[Bastard Sword +4] Gives extra skill and attack speed.

Arctic Leech - [Praise]
A sword with a lot of great features. Does cold damage and can be thrown.

Arundor ('Hobgoblin Slayer') - [Arundor]
[Bastard Sword +3] Slays Hobgoblins, cause Panic on hit, and Regeneration.

Assassins Blade - [GMAN]
Only usable by thieves this sword gives you two attacks and causes 1d6+1 damage.

The Black Sword - [Daniel]
[Two-handed Sword +4] Allows the wielder to cast 'Harm' at will.

The Black Sword - [Mergwood]
[Bastard Sword] This sword makes the wielder invisible when equipped and can cast Knock and Animate Dead at will.

Blade of Sevens - [Cloak_of_Grey]
Does 7D7+7 Damage, +100 THAC0, +7 AC and many other very powerful abilities.

Corsair - [Lord Delekhan]
[Scimitar] 2d4 +13 damage, increased attacks, increased speed, and increased thieving skills. Only usable by evil thieves.

Blade of Syn - [Roark]
[Short Sword] This blade gives +2 AC, 50% resistance to Fire, never misses its target and always kills its target. This blade is only usable by Lawful Evil characters.

Blink - [AnKRoss]
[Sword +5] On a successful hit the wielder is teleported adjacent to the target confusing it.

Concluder ('Scimitar of Speed') - [Kdog]
[Scimitar +5] Gives the wielder increased speed, increased number of attacks, 50% fire resistance, Protection From Evil, and sets wielders strength to 20. The blade casts Horror on contact and slays Hobgoblins.

Darkenbane - [Kylun Twinkledge] **TOTSC**
[Two-handed Sword] ????????

DarkSword ('Wizards Bane') - [Bad Seed]
[Long Sword+2] Casts Miscast Magic when hit and gives 127% magic resistance to wielder.

Death Blade - [Simclass]
[Long Sword +4] Does normal damage and +2 poison damage for 30 seconds.

Death's Breach - [James]
[Long Sword +4] Does 2D10 cold damage to foe and 1D8 cold damage to wielder on each hit. Partner of Flame Scourge.

Doufas' Sabre - [Doufas]
[Short Sword +5] Gives and extra attack per round, causes an additional 2D6 magical damage and has a chance of holding opponent if save fails.

Defender - [DarkAngel]
[Scimitar +5] A modified version of Drizzt's sword this give the wielder +25 max hit points and +2 AC bonus.

Drizzt's Scimitars - [MetalFan]
A sword that has the abilities of both Drizzt's scimitars.

Dragonsbane ('The Deflector') - [DarkAngel]
[Flaming Sword +4] 1d8+4 damage, +2 bonus to AC, 75% Fire/Cold resistance and wielder can cast Champions Strength. Only usable by Good characters.

Draz - [Trix]
A Long Sword +5 that acts as a Holy Avenger and gives 20 STR, 50% magic resistance and Protection from Evil.

The Electrabuzz - [Unknown]
[Bastard Sword +2] Does 2d4+2 damage, plus 6d4 electrical damage upon hit. Also on hitting a creature a Lightning bolt is cast. Does extra damage to regenerating creatures.

Emberwilde - [Lord Delekhan]
[Long Sword] This is a flame sword of sorts that has the ability to launch particles of fire at opponents for a ranged attack.

Excalibur - [Thundarr]
[Long Sword +5] Reduces damage from Pierced/Slashing weapons by 50%, 10% chance for 1d10 additional slashing damage. Usable only by Lawful Good Fighter-types.

Final Word - [DonPC]
[Two-handed Sword +5] Sets MR to 0%, Bonus STR +5, Bonus CON +7, Bonus Attacks +2, Resist Dispel Magic. Dispels Magic on contact, Slays 5%, Energy Drain and Vampiric Touch on successful hit. It can cast the following spells upon command at 20th level; Detect Invisible, Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic, and Sanctuary. It can also be used as Dancing Sword, which will fight on its own as a 16 HD creature. Usable by Evil Fighters (both multi and dual class) as well as Paladins.

Fire Biter - [GMAN]
[Long Sword +1] +1D6 fire damage, 2 attacks per round, + 2 vs. Regenerating Creatures, +3 vs. cold using creatures, +4 vs. undead.

Flame Scourge - [James]
[Long Sword +4] Does 2D10 fire damage to foe and 1D8 fire damage to wielder on each hit. Partner of Death's Breach.

The Forgiver - [Simclass]
[Bastard Sword +3] Panic's the enemy on contact and can cast Heal Serious Wounds, Raise Dead, Flame Strike.

Frostbite - [Roach]
[Short Sword +2] +1d4 cold damage and an extra +3 vs giants.

Ghost Blade - [Lord Delekhan]
[Cutlass +3] This sword does 3D3+3 damage and a further 2D3 slashing damage.

Grásíđa - [Simclass]
[Bastard Sword +4] Allows you to polymorph into a werewolf and back.

Grymm - [Trix]
[Short Sword] Increases strength to 25 and slays Tana'ri.

Harval: The Grey Blade - [GMAN]
[Long Sword +3] Sword of Colbey Calistinsson: The Keeper of Balance. 1D8+3, +2 AC, 2 Attacks.

The Holy Avenger - [Bad Seed] **TOTSC**
[Two-handed Sword] A golden blade that gives THAC0 bonuses against Undead and casts Protection from Evil 10' Radius at will.

Holy Sword of Falis - [Arundor]
[Two-handed Sword] Does 4D6 + 5 damage.

Iron Feather - [Lord Delekhan]
[Two-handed Sword] And ancient relic that does 4d5+10 damage, increases the number of attacks per round and provides +3 strength.

The Jagged Lightning - [Roach]
[Scimitar +2] Gives 50% lightning resistance.

Keran's Rage - [Unknown]
A Sword +8 that stuns for a indeterminable time period.

Khal Abbil - [Roach]
A dancing sword that will fight enemies for 2 turns.

Khoras' Blade - [Unknown]
A Flame Tongue with +4.

Krom's Sword - [Trix]
[Long Sword +3] Krom's Long Sword.

Lights Bane ('Sword of Leviathan') - [Tannariss Giantslayer]
[Longsword +10] Give the wielder +200 max Hit Points, regeneration, faster spell casting, immunity to fire and +6 bonus AC. Cause 2d10+10 damage on a hit with an additional 1d10 fire damage.

Lloth's Fang - [Ingoman]
Was forged from Adamantite, so it is unbreakable and very sharp, it has also been imbued with deadly poison by the Priesthood of Lloth, the Drow spider goddess.

O-Tokne's Fang - [Lord Delekhan]
[Cutlass +2] This sword does 3D3+2 damage and increases the number of attacks per round.

Paladin's Sword - [Arundor]
Usable only by Lawful Good Paladins. Gives a +6 damage and THAC0 bonus vs. Undead.

Phantom Sword - [Eventine]
This is the Phantom Sword, it gives user haste, sanctuary, increased spell casting speed, increased speed, infravision, and immunity all spells (1-9). When it hits the target it gives them poison, panic, sleep, 2d2 fire damage, and casts magic missile.

Puck - [Lord Delekhan]
[Short Sword] This sword does 3d3+14 damage, increases the wielders speed and improves dexterity +2.

Rangers Guard - [Simclass]
[Scimitar +5] Usable only by good characters, it can cast Call Lighting, Hold Person, Hold Monster, Horror and it burns in a black flame.

Rhea's Bane - [Lord Delekhan]
[Long Sword +4] This long sword causes 1d8+4, 1d8 fire damage, bonuses to attack, +2 bonus AC and +3 dexterity bonus.

Salamander Greatsword - [Tycho]
[Two-handed Sword +2] Gives an additional +1 fire damage, +1 AC and protection from fire.

Scorcher - [Lord Delekhan]
[Cutlass +2] This sword does 3D3+2 damage and 2D3 fire damage.

Scorpion Blade - [Gandorf]
A blade that does poison damage.

Sparks - [Lord Delekhan]
[Cutlass +3] This sword does 3D3+3 damage and 2D3 electrical damage.

Strong Man's Sword - [Simclass]
[2-Handed Sword +3] This blade gives the wielder +1 Constitution and Dexterity.

Sword of Artemis - [GMAN]
Sword of Wounding, 1D8+1, wounding damage of 1 HP per round for 8 rounds.

Sword of Demon Summoning - [Unknown]
When attacking this blade summons demons on contact.

Sword of Elements - [Peter]
[Long Sword] Sword of Elements is a Long Sword which does 1d10+8 +1 Cold damage, +1 Fire damage and on each successful hit it will take 5 HP off your opponent and add it to your own.

Sword of the Ghost - [Unknown]
[Long Sword +4] Gives a +4 bonus to attack and 2d6+2 damage and a 'light show' on a successful hit.

Sword of Lightning - [Simclass]
[2-Handed Sword +3] 1d10+3 and +3 +2 electric damage. It can call down lightning at will.

Sword of Odin - [DarkAngel]
[Two-handed Sword +4] +15 max Hit Points and +4 damage.

Sword of Smiting - [Kylun Twinkledge]
[Two-handed Sword +1] A powerful weapon that does 2d24+1 damage.

Thieves Blade - [Simclass]
[Short Sword +4] 1d6+4 +2 poison for 30 seconds. It gives +1 Dexterity and +15 on all thieving skills.

Tricksters Edge - [Simclass]
[Short Sword +4] Casts Shadow Door allowing when a successful hit is made, this allows the person to move into the shadows to aid his next attack.

Thorn - [Suryiel]
[Two-handed Sword] A wooden sword usable by Druids and rangers that casts Entangle with unlimited charges.

Thud - [Lord Delekhan]
[Cutlass +4] This sword does 3D3+4 damage and 2D3 crushing damage.

Trolls Nightmare - [Seroki]
This sword is a must have for any non-evil magic user. This sword gives you: infravision, +3 damage, +3 THAC0, and can turn you invisible, an addition +2 DMG and +2 THAC0 if it is a troll you are hitting.

Ultrin Elgglin ('The Supreme Slayer') - [Roach]
A Vorpal weapon that doesn't decapitate.

Vampire Sword of Armageddon - [Armand]
A sword that has Poison and Ice attacks but is only usable by Chaotic Evil characters.

The Viper - [Lord Delekhan]
[Bastard Sword] This is very nice poison sword, there is the dagger, but what of the warrior seeking to inflict suffering of the poison nature upon their opponent.

Yarrow's Tears - [Lord Delekhan]
[Scimitar +5] This sword does 1D8+3 damage but allows the wielder to cast Charm Person or Animal, provides a +2 AC bonus and will stun the target unless save vs. spell. This sword can only be used by Druids.

:: Warhammers ::

Aegis Fang - [Kylun] **TOTSC**
Wulfgar's warhammer from the Icewind Dale Trilogy.

Mjolnir ('The Destroyer') - [Lord Delekhan]
This is the legendary hammer of Thor, Norse God of thunder. Crafted by a dwarven blacksmith Eitri at the bequest of Loki and presented to the gods as a gift, Mjolnir posses great powers. It can never be lost, it will return to the throwers hand after being thrown, can never be destroyed, and was enchanted by Thor himself with the ability to control lightning.

Spirit of One - [GMAN]
Glowing Hammer 2D6 +2, +4 THAC0.

Spirit of One (2) - [Bad Seed]
The original Spirit of One hammer in all it's glory but with the text that will appear when you identify it and it will "permanently" equip itself as that characters main weapon until a remove curse spell is placed on it. It also will freeze any undead it hits for a brief period of time (save possible).

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