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To save time and effort when looking for new items added to the lists on this site, we have collated all the changes into one list that is ordered by date, that way you can see at a glance what new items have been added and also any items that may have changed. We hope you find this more useful than just looking through the lists (although we think this is a good idea too :-o)

Each entry has a link to the file that has been added (or changed) and also who created the item, so you can download files from your favourite creators. To the right of each entry is the game for which the file is intended i.e. BG = Baldur's Gate, BG2 = Baldur's Gate: Shadows of Amn etc etc, and clicking on this link will take you to the page on which the item can be found.

:: Friday 30 August 2002 ::

Boots of Immunity - [Ali_man] - [BG2]
The boots give the wearer complete immunity to all weapons magical and non-magical.

Cage - [Reid] - [BG2]
Cage is a level 5 Evocation spell. It puts a cage around medium sized creatures and tries to stop the heart with electric shocks. Large creatures are shocked but not held.

Charm Undead - [Azred] - [BG2]
This is the Necromancer's version of Charm Person.

Circle of Doom - [Malnefein] - [BG2]
This is the AD&D (3rd Edition) cleric/druid 5ft level spell Circle of Doom (reverse of Healing Circle, named Mass Cure in BG2).

Conversion - [Mary Magus] - [BG2]
In function, a dropdown menu appears listing the nine alignments, after one is selected, click on the target to change the casters alignment.

Creature Set 1 - [Santa's Coming] - [BG2 TOB]

This contains: Hell Spider & Dread Spider, Dark Mistress, Ogre Lord and Succubus x2 (ToB). Requires 20 or higher level to defeat them.

Creature Set 2 - [Santa's Coming] - [BG2]

This contains: Gares the Black Prince, Sword Master Suzen, Prochon the Assassin, Usar the Berserker and Nimbul. Requires 15 or higher level to defeat them.

Creature Set 3 - [Santa's Coming] - [BG2]
This contains: Basilisk, Chaos Spawn, Sirius the Murderer and Crimson Drake.

Crusader - [Hansoo] - [BG2]
Crusader, a Paladin Kit.

Curse - [Malnefein] - [BG2]
This is the AD&D cleric/druid 1st level spell Curse (reverse of Bless).

Dammens Fury - [dammen1661] - [BG2]
Bracers that can transform your mage into a Warrior for ten rounds. Complete with a custom sword.

Defender of Dorn's Deep - [Azred] - [BG2]
Very good armor, but for dwarves only. Contains a good balance of bonuses and penalties.

Destruction - [Malnefein] - [BG2]
This is the cleric spell Destruction, the reverse of Resurrection.

Displacer Beast - [Jaysyn] - [BG2]
A Displacer Beast taken directly from the AD&D game.

Dragon Dancer - [Ripper123] - [BG2]
A Dragon Dancer Kit.

Elementalist - [Daemon] - [BG2]
A druid kit that can summon elementals and gain elemental resistances.

Extention I, II and III - [Malnefein] - [BG2]
These are 4th (Extention I), 5th (Extention II) and 6th (Extention III) level wizard spell that allow you to extend the duration of any spell cast in the round following the casting of the Extention spell.

Faerie Fire - [Malnefein] - [BG2]
This is the AD&D druid 1st level spell Faerie Fire (much like Glitterdust except that it does not blind, it gives AC penality instead).

The Horn of the Dragon Knights - [DrgnWizzard] - [BG2]
A more powerful version of the Horn of Valhallia.

Robe of Powerlessness - [Krondor] - [BG2]
A cursed mage robe that lowers both Wisdom and Intelligence as well as disabling spell casting.

Seraphim's chracter pack - [Seraphim of Elves] - [BG2]
3 characters are contained with this pack: Bryon - Neutral Good halfling fighter/swashbuckler, Khazran - Neutral Evil tiefling necromancer/cleric and Odrarig - Neutral Good half-orc fighter/mage.

Zavadilova's Penumbra - [Azred] - [BG2]
This one is a must-have for evil thieves/assassins/bards.

:: Wednesday 28 August 2002 ::

Aballister Bonaduce - [Jaysyn] - [BG2]
Evil character from the Clerics Quintet, with stats & custom items taken from the Forgotten Realms Villan's Lorebook.

Acid Storm - [Malnefein] - [BG2]
This is the AD&D wizard 7th level spell Acid storm, scroll included.

Aeriel - [Seraphim of Elves] - [BG2]
Aeriel is a chaotic good female elven bard who's carrying a couple of custom made items.

Alesh and Shela - [Neeber] - [BG2]
Two short swords +2 that glow. One sword does cold damage, the other does fire.

Alzegund - [Jaysyn] - [BG2]
Red Wizard of Thay taken from the Forgotten Realms Villains Lorebook.

Arcane Fist - [Drizzt1180] - [BG2]
The Arcane Fist, a Monk/Mage Kit.

Arrna Lokte - [fiveht] - [BG2]
A +4 rapier that increases movement rate and makes the wielder immune to everything, magical and otherwise, that affects mobility.

Banish Demon - [Kensai_Ryu] - [BG2]
This spell will send a summoned demon back to its original plane of existence.

Beetle Pack (1 of 4) - [Malnefein] - [BG2]
Bombardier beetles and boring beetles from IWD, using IWD avatars. Note: this pack is needed for the Giant Insect spell. (Part 1 of 4).

Beetle Pack (2 of 4) - [Malnefein] - [BG2]
Bombardier beetles and boring beetles from IWD, using IWD avatars. Note: this pack is needed for the Giant Insect spell. (Part 2 of 4).

Beetle Pack (3 of 4) - [Malnefein] - [BG2]
Bombardier beetles and boring beetles from IWD, using IWD avatars. Note: this pack is needed for the Giant Insect spell. (Part 3 of 4).

Beetle Pack (4 of 4) - [Malnefein] - [BG2]
Bombardier beetles and boring beetles from IWD, using IWD avatars. Note: this pack is needed for the Giant Insect spell. (Part 4 of 4).

BG2 Item Pack - [Darth_Guru] - [BG2]
30 items made by Darth_Guru.

Globe of Darkness - [jia24] - [BG2]
A version of the Globe of Darkness spell.

:: Tuesday 20 August 2002 ::

Amlaruil's Gift - [Sillaric Culdanin] - [BG2]
A +4 Long Bow with a variety of special abilities: Invisibility 3times/day, Non-detection while equipped, and it can cast Magic Missile as a 10th lvl mage unlimited times/day.

Apollo Bow - [Unknown] - [BG2]
A bow that gives the wielder a +4 THAC0 and can create 20 Arrows of Disease each day.

Arrow of Dark Harm - [Mortis] - [BG2]
These arrows reduce the target to 4 HP and breaks any item in the left hand. They also embed themselves and prevent healing while it is in the target. Removing the arrow by hand does 2d6 damage.

Blade of Night - [Kai] - [BG2]
A Katana specifically for thieves that improves thief skills, regenrates HP and much more.

Breath of Kyudo Master - [Azred] - [BG2]
A wonderful composite longbow with a decidedly Oriental flavor.

Celestial Fury - [ed] - [BG2]
An improved version of Celestial Fury with a re-written description and an upgrade to a +5 weapon/

Dagger of Defense - [Seraphim of Elves] - [BG2]
A dagger +2 that provides a minor bonus to AC. Not that great for fighters but useful for wizards who can't wear any armour.

Dark Katana - [Koran Deltor] - [BG2]
This is the Dark Katana +3. It gives the user immunity to level drain.

Dart of the Hornet's Nest - [Azred] - [BG2]
The standard Dart of the Hornet's Nest item from AD&D.

Death Sword Of Khaine - [evangelon] - [BG2]
A very powerful sword that instantly slays it's target.

Elymer - [Malnefein] - [BG2]
This is a +1 mace that strikes as a +5 weapon and has the ability to destroy undead and extra-planar beings with a single hit.

Fairy Rod - [Warpulse] - [BG2 TOB]
A +5 mace that has innate abilities of Knock 7/day, Pixie dust, Oblivious charm and Summon rabbit.

Gogon's Items - [gogon] - [BG2]
5 new items by Gogon.

Javlins - [death] - [BG2]
A collection of javelins and throwing spears.

Katana - [Hansoo] - [BG2]
Katana which gives 50% Magic Resistance also it has special effect to slay a creature if saving throw is failed.

Katana +5 ('Dark Fury') - [Dark Avatar199] - [BG2]
A nice dark bladed +5 Katana that deals lightning damage at its target.

Lance of Passion - [Death] - [BG2]
A fun little spear/lance created based on an item in a Glen Cook novel.

Mendal Tealeaf's Sword - [TROTS_Pants] - [BG2]
This sword was forged by a powerful mage called Mendal Tealeaf. He forged the sword and liked it so much that even mages can now use the weapon. It does 2d10+2 damage (+2 lightning damage). The sword does not damage to undead.

Omega Dark - [jinkyokushinkai] - [BG2]
This Long Sword has made a pack with death.

Polmalor - [gogeta01] - [BG2]
An intelligent sword that is inhabited by a strange man.

Revenge Bringer - [mhoram] - [BG2]
A +6 katana that can slay with one hit and allow the wielder to cast Cloak of Fear and heal three times per day.

Rune Blade:"Dark Avenger" - [Alex Karampas] - [BG2]
This sword allows the wielder to cast Fire Shield (Black) and has customer graphics and icons.

Scimitar of Disruption +3 - [Seraphim of Elves] - [BG2]
This is the scimitar of disruption +3 which will work just like the Mace of Disruption that is already in the game.

Singing Moonblade - [jbullions] - [BG2]
A magical longsword that will sing random songs on succesful hits that grant the wielder and his party various magical abilities.

Staff of the Elements - [Reid Hanna] - [BG2]
The staff of the elements is diverse and can change to battle different elemental threats.

Staff of Fun - [Jan Janson] - [BG2]
A staff that has the chance to turn the target into a chicken and/or change its gender.

Wyrmslayer - [death] - [BG2]
A Paladin only sword, this +5 longsword will grant the wielder resistance to magic/cold/fire/acid/electricity, cast dispel magic 3/day and on a sucessful hit. The sword also deals double damage against dragons.

Zerth Blade - [Hadar] - [BG2]
An improved version of the Zerth Blade that is more like the "Chained Blade" from Planescape: Torment.

:: Tuesday 13 August 2002 ::

Arilyn - [AssassinX] - [BG2]
A character based on Arilyn Moonblade from the novel Elfshadow.

Backstabber's Items - [Backstabber] - [BG2]
3 items by Backstabber, including sword Unholy Vengeance +5, gauntlets that give +8 damage and THAC0 when fighting barehand and the Burning Flail.

Dante - [Shaneo and Jaysyn] - [BG2]
The character Dante from the PS2 game Devil May Cry.

Drizzt Do'Urden - [Banelord] - [IWD]
A playable Drizzt complete with sounds, portraits and items.

Ethereal Blademaster - [Medivh] - [BG2 TOB]
Ethereal Blademaster Ranger Kit

FourBlade - [Arawn Chen] - [BG2]
A very powerful katana that does additional fire, ice, lightning and acid damage. It also gives resistance to fire, ice, lightning and acid.

Gelin's Item Pack - [Gelin] - [BG2]
6 items by Gelin.

Glyph of Control - [Demonic_Jester] - [BG2]
Charms enemies and protects allies.

Greysteil's Items - [Greysteil] - [BG2]
3 items by Greysteil. The Staff of the Magi. Johydees Mask and the Robe of Eyes.

Icewind Dale Trilogy Pack - [Lord Deathwalker] - [BG2]
Drizzt, Bruenor, Cattie-Brie, Regis and Wulfgar from the Icewind Dale Trilogy.

Krugg's Character Package - [Xenodorf] - [IWD]
A minotaur character that comes with a custom item.

Lord of the Rings Weapons - [Greysteil] - [BG2]
Orcrist and Sting, two weapons from The Lord of the Rings.

Orb of Dragonkind - [Greysteil] - [BG2]
Charms dragons, and has a small chance of summoning one of 4 types of dragons.

Pool of Twilight Pack - [AssassinX] - [BG2]
Contains 3 characters. Kern, and human cavalier; Listle, and elven illusionist; and Daile, a human archer.

Sash of the Cat and Cobra - [Arawn Chen] - [BG2]
An item for Monks that gives regeneration, increased attack speed, increased damage, improved THAC0, AC improvement, backstab immunity and stun resistance.

Sha'Gaeon's Trinket Pack - [Sha'Gaeon] - [BG2]
9 items by Sha'Gaeon.

The Trickster's Tunic - [Arawn Chen] - [BG2]
Armour that allows the wearer to cast Blur and Mirror Image at will.

Twinswords Item Pack - [Twinswords] - [BG2]
3 items and a spell by Twinswords.

Ultimate Power - [Warchild] - [BG2]
A 9th level spell than transforms you into a Red Dragon, complete with items and innate abilities.

:: Saturday 10 August 2002 ::

Balduran's Armour - [Lord Soth] - [BG]
Plate mail armour that provides an AC -4.

Blade of Sevens - [Cloak_of_Grey] - [BG]
Does 7D7+7 Damage, +100 THAC0, +7 AC and many other very powerful abilities.

Conan's Gear - [InLeagueWith Evil] - [BG]
Contains two items, a sword called Crom's Sword and the Shield of Conan.

Creatures - [Rob] - [BG]
Werewolf, Hobgoblin and Flind creatures.

Cursed Ring of Wizardry - [Metal1633] - [BG TOTSC]
A Cursed Ring of Wizardry possessed by the spirit of Raistlin.

Dagger of Mischief - [bg_master] - [BG]
A +2 dagger that gives +20% pickpocketing skill. Only usable by Thieves.

Drizzt Do'Urden - [Banelord] - [BG TOTSC]
A playable Drizzt complete with sounds, portraits and items.

Elven Chain Mail - [Gandorf] - [BG]
This Elven chain mail provides the wearer with AC 1 and 40% resistance to cold. This armour is usable by everyone.

Enhanced Priest's Ring - [Peter] - [BG]
An enhanced Ring of Holiness.

Scorpion Blade - [Gandorf] - [BG]
A blade that does poison damage.

TSotSC Mini Pack - [Josh] - [BG TOTSC]
Adds 17 new items, modifies 9 existing items and several encounters.

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