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  :: Baldur's Gate - Armour ::

This is a collection of various armours that can be added to Baldur's Gate and most of these items should work in Tales Of The Sword Coast as well. Those items specifically for Tales Of The Sword Coast are displayed with **TOTSC**.
Thanks to all those people who have submitted items to this list.

For information on how to install these files as well as the other's on this web site, check out the Installation page for further details.

:: Bracers ::

Bracers of the Champion - [DarkAngel]
Gives bonuses to Strength, Dexterity and THAC0.

Bracers of Defense AC 0 - [Lord Delekhan]
These are standard bracers of defense that provide AC 0.

Bracers of Nights - [Bane]
Gives bonuses to Open Locks, Find/Remove Traps and THAC0 for missile weapons. Only usable by Thieves.

:: Chain Mail ::

Chain Lightning Chain Mail - [Seroki]
This armour provides the wearer with AC 2 and also electrical damage heals the wearer, gives increased speed, four extra attacks per round, able to cast Lightning, Shocking Grasp and Call Lightning.

Chain Mail of Fire protection - [Unknown]
A suit of chain mail with a great deal of fire protection.

Elven Chain +3 - [Lord Delekhan]
Unlike most chain mail Elven chain does not restrict magic users from practicing their craft.

Elven Chain of the High Forest - [Simclass]
This is a set of Chainmail Armour +5, it is usable only by Good characters, which can cast Monster Summoning 2, Improved Invisibility, Entangle and Charm Animal.

Elven Chain Mail - [Gandorf]
This Elven chain mail provides the wearer with AC 1 and 40% resistance to cold. This armour is usable by everyone.

The Mail Of Light - [Unknown]
A suit of plate mail armour which grants a glowing sword of light and a +3 bonus to armour class.

:: Cloaks ::

Assassins Cloak - [GMAN]
A Cloak that gives a +1 AC bonus, +3 THACO, +5% to stealth and makes the wearer non-detectable.

Cloak of Amplification - [Rob]
A cloak that increases speed and power.

Cloak of the Devil - [Drew]
A powerful cloak that gives the wearer bonuses to Armour Class and increases stats.

Cloak of the Lich - [Lord Delekhan]
This is cursed Cloak of the Lich which gives additional hit points, saving throws and various magical resistances.

Cloak of the Kingsguard - [Simclass]
It is a cloak of the Kingsguard that sets strength to 19, save vs death +5 and can cast Knock, Shadow Door and Spirit Armour.

Cloak of the Woods - [Lord Delekhan]
A cloak for Rangers that increases Stealth, provides Non-Detection and +2 AC Bonus.

Faded Cloak - [Trix]
This cloak Fades the wearer by 75%

Rangers Cloak of Armour Shielding - [Lord Delekhan]
Ranger Cloak of Armour Shielding was fashioned by the legendary Kur Loran and enchanted by his mage Shargen Mepps. It is a mystical cloak of plate armour that melds into shadows. It provides AC 2, +15% Hide in Shadows, +5 vs. Missile Weapons, and is only usable by Rangers.

Sandman's Shroud - [Mergwood]
A cloak that allows the wearer to cast Sleep.

Undead Protector - [Simclass]
This is the Undead Protector it gives +2 Constitution and Strength and Protection from Undead.

:: Gauntlets ::

Gift of the Woods - [Lord Delekhan]
These gloves only usable by Druids and Rangers grant the wearer AC 0, increased resistance to Petrification and increased attacks per round.

Gloves of the Champion - [Lord Delekhan]
These gloves can only be used by Fighters and provide AC 0 and increased resistance to magic.

Gloves of Master Thievery - [Trix]
A pair of gloves that give +2 Dexterity, +20% to Pick Pockets and Find/Remove Traps as well as the ability to cast Knock. Only usuable by Thieves.

Gloves of Shocking - [Roach]
A pair of gauntlets for Mages and Bards that can cast Shocking Grasp and Lightning Bolt.

Otrad Atwah ('Gloves of the Magi') - [Lord Delekhan]
These gloves only usable by Mages grant the wearer AC 0, increased Saving Throws and increased attacks per round.

Stone Gauntlets - [Trix]
Gives the wearer Stoneskin protection and Stone Giant Strength.

:: Helmets ::

Crown of the Shar'DuKha ('The Wizards Helm') - [Lord Delekhan]
This helm created specifically for Mages provides +1 AC Bonus, +1 Saving Throw Bonus and resists some mental attacks.

Golden Helmet - [Arundor]
Gives +2 AC, +1 Strength and cures poison.

Healing Helm - [Simclass]
This is the Healing Helm it is a helm given many healing powers allowing the wearer to cast spells to aid him and his friends. It is usable only by Good characters.

Helmet of the Dead - [Simclass]
This is a helmet that gives you +2 AC and can cast Animate Dead at will. It has a custom bam made by Doomlord.

Helm of the Flame - [Lord Delekhan]
Not only protecting against Critical Hits, this helm also increases AC +1 and Constitution +2.

Helm of the Holy Guard - [Lord Delekhan]
This helm can only be worn by Paladins and protects the wearer against mental attacks and Critical Hits.

Helmet of Magic Resistance - [Simclass]
This is a helmet gives you +1 AC and 100% magic resistance.

Helm of the Red Dragon - [Lord Delekhan]
This helm provides +2 AC bonus, protection from mental attacks and critical hits. This helm can only be used by Elven Rangers.

Mage Helm - [Tannarriss Giantslayer]
A helm usable by Mages that increases Charisma by 1, speeds up spell casting and gives +6 AC bonus.

The Mask of Shadows - [Lorik]
A helm for Thieves only that gives +1 Dexterity, +1 AC, and casts the spells Invisibilty, Shadow Door and Knock.

Rogues Hat - [Lord Delekhan]
This hat provides no AC bonus at all but does protect against Critical Hits. It also looks good as well.

Tiera of the Chanah'Rea - [Lord Delekhan]
This helm created specifically for Druids provides +1 AC Bonus, +1 Saving Throw Bonus and resists some mental attacks.

The Vain Circle - [Simclass]
This is a circlet that goes on your head which protects against critical hits, just like the normal helmet.

Wyvern's Head Helm - [Lord Delekhan]
A helm that gives the wearer AC +2, Strength +2, +25% Magic Resistance, +40% Fire Resistance and protects against Critical Hits.

:: Leather ::

Armour of Thorns - [Lord Delekhan]
Upon closer inspection one discovers that the armour is not made from leather at all, but from an intricate weave of vines and thorn bush branches. This armour provides AC 0, +3 bonus to saving throws and is only usable by Druids.

Armour of the North - [Kylun]
Studded Leather +3. This armour is indeed interesting. Cool colors.

Assassins Armour - [GMAN]
All BLACK, studded leather +3, +30% to stealth, immunity to posion and free action.

The Berserker's Hit - [Bad Seed]
Hide Armour that gives the spells Berserk, Cure Light Wounds and Slow Poison. Gives Fire Resistance and changes alignment to Chaotic Neutral. Cannot be removed normally.

Dragon Armour - [Lord Delekhan]
Leather Dragon armour that is only usable by Elven Rangers.

Drow BattleMage Armour - [Lord Delekhan]
This armour was fashioned in the realm of the drow, it is used exclusively by their battle mages. It provides the wearer with AC 1, +2 bonus to saving throws, +25% magic resistance. This armour is only usable by mages.

Gnomish Workman's Leather - [Roach]
A leather armour that gives bonuses to Pick Locks and Find Traps.

Ranger Armour - [Trix]
Studded Leather Armour +4. Gives +25% to stealth, and casts Sanctuary. Only usable by Rangers.

Razas Leather Armour - [Unknown]
A suit of green/brown leather armour +3

Stormcloud ('Kraken's Bane') - [Lord Delekhan]
This leather was fashioned from the chared remains of a dragon struck down by lightning. Last known to be worn by Shrethu Reogher the warlock. This armour provides AC 0, +3 saving throw bonus and resistance to electricity.

Studded Leather +3 - [Lord Delekhan]
This armour was the property of the famous Snow Barbarian Prince, Corbus Denox of Greyhawk.

Thief's Spirit - [Peter]
Thiefs Spirit is +4 leather studded armour which gives you +25% stealth, +30% pickpockets, +30% Open Locks and +20% Find Traps.

Woodland Armour - [Simclass]
This is Woodland Armour, it is studded leather armour +5, +1 dexterity and +20% stealth.

:: Plate Mail ::

Armour of the Gladiator - [Arundor]
Full Plate Mail that gives a +1 bonus to all attributes, and gives protection from level 1 spells.

Armour of the Mage - [Arundor]
Plate Mail that is usable by mages, and they can still cast spells while wearing it. Gives a +1 bonus to Intelligence and Wisdom, and allows memorizing two extra level 1 and 2 spells.

Balduran's Armour - [Lord Soth]
Plate mail armour that provides an AC -4.

Banes Armour - [Unknown]
An interesting set of Plate mail, with great bonuses but not so great results.

Crusader's Armour - [Lord Delekhan]
This set of armour is aimed at the great holy warriors, the Paladins. This armour is only usable by Paladins and Lawful Good Clerics.

Dragon Scale Plate Mail - [Peter] **TOTSC**
A very strong and light armour.

Dwarven Plate +3 - [Lord Delekhan]
This is a fine set of plate for them Dwarfves. It bulsters their already superior constitution as well as provide them with a good set of armour. This armour provides +1 constitution.

Emberwilde's Plate 'The Red Plate of Fire Resistance' - [Lord Delekhan]
This Plate Mail provides AC 0 and extra abilities as you play during the game.

Ghost Armour - [Trix]
Full Plate Mail +1 that glows like the Spiritual Hammer and provides immunity to non-magical weapons.

Mage Plate - [Tannarriss Giantslayer]
Usuable by only Evil Clerics and Mages this Plate Mail enables the wearer to cast spells whilst wearing the armour, provides immunity to non-magical weapons and increases spell casting speed.

Plate of Invulnerability - [Peter]
The wearer of this armour is immune to everything apart from magical weapons.

Plate of Nature - [DarkAngel]
This Plate Mail is only wearable by Druids and allows wearer to cast Call Lightning at will.

Silver Plate Mail - [James]
Plate Mail that give immunity to fire, cold, lightning and petrification. Provides +5 AC bonus vs. crushing and +2 vs. piercing, slashing and missile.

Spirit's Shell - [Trix]
Full Plate Armour +1. Provides immunity to non-magical weapons, fades wearer 50%, casts Chill Touch with an added 10% chance death on target when touched and 5% chance wearer dies each time the armour is equipped.

Sukien Holy Armour - [Lord Delekhan]
Special Plate armour only usable by Paladins. Provides AC -1.

:: Robes ::

Mage's Travelling Armour - [Bane]
For single class mages this robe provides AC 6, +10% Acid Resistance, +10% Cold Resistance, +10% Fire Resistance, +10% Lightning Resistance, Regenerate 2 HP per round and +10 Lore.

Master Robe - [Paladin]
The Master Robe grants the wearer infravision, +5 to all Saving Throws, +2 to all primary stats, 5 extra spells for levels 1-5, immunity to fire/cold/electricity, haste and faster spell casting.

Robes of the Grand Wizard - [Lord Delekhan]
This robe provides +2 AC bonus, 25% magic resistance, +3 saving throw bonus and is only usable by Evil mages.

Robes of the High Templar - [Lord Delekhan]
This robe provides +2 AC bonus, 25% magic resistance, +3 saving throw bonus and is only usable by Good mages.

Robe of the Sorcerer - [Lord Delekhan]
This robe provides +2 AC bonus, 25% magic resistance, +3 saving throw bonus and is only usable by Neutral mages.

Robe of Wild Magic - [Xaron]
This Wild Magic robe has some good, some bad and some random effects.

Sauron's Robes - [Trix]
This is an enhanced Robe of Evil Archmagi that provides 30% magic resisitance and casts some spells.

Wizard Robe of Knowledge - [DarkAngel]
A robe that looks like Gorian's robe and also provides AC 4, bonus level 1 and 2 spells, +20 max hit point bonus, Intelligence +1, +50% fire/cold/electricity resistance and +25% magic resistance.

:: Shields ::

Beacon - [Trix]
A small shield +6 with Protection from Evil for the wear and it glows.

Large Shield +3 - [Simclass]
This is a large shield +3 which also gives you protection from normal weapons.

Mages Defence - [Simclass]
This is a buckler +2 which is usable by all that gives +5 spells Level 1-9 and can cast Mirror Image, Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, Protection from Normal Missiles and Minor Globe of Invulnerability. It can only be used by good aligned characters.

Shield of Fire +2 - [Lord Delekhan]
This shield provides +3 AC Bonus and +5 vs Missile Weapons.

Shield of Free Action - [Roach]
A small shield +2 that provides Free Action as per the ring.

Shield of Mystics - [DarkAngel]
This shield gives the wielder bonus Hit Points, Regeneration and the ability to cast Cure Serious Wounds.

:: Splint Mail ::

Korim's Skin - [Trix]
Splint Mail +6. Allows spell casting and thief skills, and provides regeneration.

Splint Mail of Oghma - [DarkAngel]
Armour that increase spell memorization, saving throws and hit points.

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