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The files on this website are always zipped up, therefore to be able to start using the files you need to 'un-zip' them before use. You can download 'Winzip' for this from here if you don't already have it.

Some of the files on this site contain a 'readme' within the zip file, and I would strongly suggest you read this before using the files in the game. These readme's are written by the author of the files and usually contain instructions for their use.

Installing the contents of the archives all depends on what type of file is contained with the archive. Here's what to do with each file extension:-

.ITM - Place the file in the '{GAME}/overrides' directory to include it in the game.
.TBG - Use the Infinity Engine Editor to install the contents.
.IAP - Use the Infinity Engine Editor to install the contents.

The 'Infinity Engine Editor' is a piece of software written by TeamBG that allows you to import these items into the game and also create you own items if you wish. The latest version of this software can be found on the TeamBG website and is not held on this site at present.

Using the 'Infinity Engine Editor' could not be easier: Select the game the file is designed for, press the 'Import IAP/TBG' button, locate the custom file you are trying to import and select it. The 'Infinity Engine Editor' will update the game with the new item for you. Further instructions are contained within the 'Infinity Engine Editor' and you should refer to these if you get stuck.

Once the file has either been placed in the 'overrides' folder or imported then to give the item to a character you need to enable the cheats in the game is you haven't already done so. This is done by finding the .ini file in the {GAME} folder that has the same name the game (i.e. baldur.ini, icewind.ini). Edit this file and under the [Game Options] heading insert a new line and add: cheats=1.

Once this has been done you can use the cheat console within the game to add the item to a characters inventory. Depending on which game you are playing use the following key press to display the cheat console:-

Baldur's Gate - CTRL+TAB
Baldur's Gate II - CTRL+SPACE
Icewind Dale - CTRL+TAB

Once the cheat console is displayed type the following into it depending on the game you are playing:-

CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xxxxxx",nn) for Baldur's Gate
CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xxxxxx",nn) for Baldur's Gate II
CHEATERSDOPROSPER:CreateItem("xxxxxx",nn) for Icewind Dale
GETYOURCHEATON:CreateItem("xxxxxx",nn) for Icewind Dale (Heart of Winter)

The 'xxxxxx' is the item's filename, but without the extension (e.g. "helm01" not "helm01.tbg").  The 'nn' is the quantity of items that you want to add to your inventory (which is useful when adding arrows and bolts etc.). The cheat is case sensitive and you must make sure that the quotation marks are included as well.

:: SPELLS ::
To add spells to the game sometimes requires an extra stage whether or not the spell comes with a scroll. In the event that no scroll is included with the item then you need to follow these instructions to give the spell to your character:-

Open up the 'Infinity Engine Editor' and choose the Spell Maker button at the first screen. Open the spell file, if this is not available then you need to install the item as per the instructions above. When the spell have been loaded, choose the option 'Make Scroll with Current Spell' from the Extras menu.  Save the .ITM file into the '{GAME}/overrides' folder, and use the cheat console to give the spell to your character as normal.

If you download an Script file place the .bs file in your '{GAME}/Scripts' folder making sure that the filename is 8 characters or less (otherwise it won't be found in the game) then in the game select it in the same way you select other scripts.

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